The Ethiopian brutal regime jailed Amhara professors, authors, environmentalists, and human rights activists.

The arrest took place in the Amhara capital city of Bahir Dar, where the group of about 19 university professors, authors, human rights activists and environmentalists were being served dinner in a local restaurant. This act is the extension of the ongoing anti-Amhara policy of the regime. The target is to eliminate the emerging Amhara elites who advocate for the plight of the people of Amhara. The arrest of these young men signals an inevitable more wave of mass protest. Following is list of unlawfully arrested:
1. Temesgen Tessema
2. Gashaw Mersha
3. Daniel Abebaw
4. Yusuf Ibrahim
5. Bellete Molla
6. Nigatu Asress
7. Desalegn Chanie
8. Belete kassa
9. Sisay Altaseb
10. Addisu Mellesse
11. Mengistie Tegene
12. Bogale Arage
13. Kassu Hailu
14. Tessemma Kassahun
15. Dirsan Birhane
16. Berihun Assefa
17. Fikru Kassew
18. Temesgen Berhanu

We demand an immediate release!

Amnesty International BBC News Hhuman Human Rights Watch United Nations Human Rights Al Jazeera English U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa

Mesganaw Andualem

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