Happy 122nd Anniversary of the victory of the Battle of Adwa!

Happy 122nd Anniversary of the victory of the Battle of Adwa! መልካም 122ኛ የዐደዋ የድል በዐል! ዐዎ ጥቁር ህዝብ ማሸነፍ ይችላል!

Today marks 122nd anniversary of Ethiopia’s victory at the Battle of Adwa on March 1st, 1896 

As a proud Ethiopian who so greatly respects and admires those who Ethiopians defended our homeland with their lives. 


want to personally express my heartfelt thanks to those extraordinary freedom fighters. 

Those heroes who fought 122 years ago challenged all us of the living Ethiopians to reach out in love to others to affirm their mutual humanity, dignity and worth. 

“The outcome would profoundly re-brand the the image of of Africa, and elevate the position and prestigious of Ethiopia’s ruler, Emperor Menelik. 

The victory of Adwa would also contribute in uplifting and inspiring Africans on the African Continent, and in the diaspora.

The Adwa victory became one of the rallying points that help inspire various religious-political movements in Africa and the Western Hemisphere, called Ethiopianism”

Those great Ethiopian freedom fighters became a part of the greater family of Ethiopia and no one was

left out of that family.

To most of us today, the Battle of Adwa is a symbol of unity and dignity. Those great Ethiopian army who fought Italian taught us about caring and protecting one another, regardless of any differences. 

The Battle of Adwa made so many Ethiopians including me to be proud of Ethiopia even when our image has been a negative one to the world. 

During the Battle of Adwa, the

Ethiopian of the day spoke about injustice and the hope for a better Ethiopia. Those great Ethiopian have shown us what it means to be a true citizens who loves their nation. 


today, when things look so bleak, grim and dark under the ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF and when our Ethiopian

people are so divided, the victory of Adwa give hope that we might find that “New Ethiopia”. 

That “New Ethiopia” is a one where people would reach out to each other in new relationships, where there

would be forgiveness for past wrongs and where Ethiopians would live together in harmony.

The Ethiopian who fought Italian may have done more to nurture and care for our nation than any narrow-minded and

ethnocentric politicians who are in office today. 

The Battle of Adwa is telling us that a New Ethiopia is possible if we reach out to all Ethiopian from every ethnic and religious group within the corners of our country. 

The physical flame from the victory of the

Battle of Adwa’s candle should never be extinguished from us. 

All we need to do now is to look back at this the victory of the Battle of Adwa to remind us of the hope and direction. 

It is now up to each of us (the living Ethiopians from ethnic and religious groups) to pass on the

flame so it does not go out. 

The truth will make thousands of Ethiopians to come out in Addis Ababa, throughout the world are to give honor to a life that was

given for the benefit of many others. 

May God help us to end ethnic hatred politics of destruction to find healing from the wounds of our past and to bring about a society that embraces truth, righteous behavior towards others and

accountability for our own actions and nation. 

May God bless Ethiopia and its beautiful people. 

Long live Ethiopia!!
Obang metho

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