Signs of HIV not to be neglected

1. Fever

The fever is the first ER-C, where it is caused by sore throat, lymph fluid (inflammation in the blood), inflammation of the esophagus, and fatigue.

2. Feeling tired

The body responds to the reaction when it is weakened by infection. This can make the feelings that we feel for the sick feel very tired.

This can be a sign of HIV / AIDS.

3. Pain in the joints of the joints

4. Sore throat and headache

5. Skin rash

6. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

Between 30 and 60 percent of people infected with the virus experience short-term diarrhea.

7. Lose weight

8. Dry cough

For weeks, dry coughs can indicate an infection.

9. Tuberculosis

10. Night sweats

Half of HIV-positive people are infected by night sweats. Studies show that this is not linked to room temperature.

11. Nail polish and shades

Washing and coughing may appear as if the virus got into the body.

12. Pain in the respiratory and reproductive tract

13. Shaking and shaking hands and feet

Loss of muscle or limb can show not only the risk of HIV infection but also the risk of diabetes.

14. The disorder of menstruation by ethiopiandj

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