How often do you know about cancer?

World Cancer Day International will be celebrated annually on February 4 in Europe. The goal is to protect the lives of millions of people every year by increasing the awareness of the government and individuals about cancer.
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1. What is the most deadly cancer?
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer in the world, which is a type of deadly lethal cancer.
World Health Organization (WHO) has listed the most common and deadly carcinogenic diseases: lung, liver, intestines, stomach and breast cancer.

2. Can Cancer Serve?
Cancer is not a contagious disease; a healthy person can not catch the pain from someone who has it.
No information is available on the American Cancer Society’s syndrome, such as sex, kissing, touching, eating together, or lung cancer.

3. What is the origin of lung cancer?
Lung cancer can be caused by smoking by smoking, smoking cigarettes, air pollution, or other reasons.
Additionally, exposure to industrial burns at work and chemicals can cause lung cancer.

4. What is “Pink Ribbons” a sign that can help to raise awareness of cancer?
Pink Ribbon is a sign that helps raise awareness about breast cancer worldwide.
Thus, the rosary rabbit and the colors surrounding it are: “Give us moral support for women who have breast cancer.”

5. Is cancer a genetic disease?
If yes, you are right, because cancer is one of the most common mutations of human genes.
As the report shows, in some cases, family history of cancers usually occurs in an uncommon gene that is passed from one generation to another.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), only 5 to 10 percent of the population will be directly exposed to genetic defects inherited from the parent.

6. Can cancer be treated?
Cancer is the most common name for over 100 diseases, and some cancers can be cured.
According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer, most cancers of the skin, cancer of the neck, and tumor that controls growth are just some of the cures that can be cured of major cure.
The association also points out that many types of cancers are increasing the chance to cure many major areas of research.

7. How can cancer be prevented?
The World Health Organization is about protecting 30 to 50 percent of cancers by protecting themselves and using different strategies. by ethiopiandj

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