Ethiopia likely to mount raids on Eritrea-based Afar militants in retaliation for militant killing of European tourist

European tourist was killed during a raid on the Erta Ale volcano tourist site in Ethiopia’s Afar region by gunmen who had

crossed the border from nearby Eritrea. Afar regional police guarding the site exchanged fire with the attackers,  and military
personnel were reportedly subsequently deployed to the area by helicopter.

Claims circulating on social media that other tourists had been kidnapped have not been confirmed,
although IHS Markit assesses that the probable motivation of the raid was kidnapping of tourists for ransom,
with the most probable perpetrator being the Afar Revolutionary Democratic Union Front (ARDUF).


Reports say the German national was in a group of tourists who were visiting the Erta
Ale volcano  a popular destination for holidaymakers – when he was shot and killed.


It is not clear who carried out the attack.

The Ethiopian government says it is investigating the killing.
Local authorities say security forces have now been deployed to the area, where an armed separatist group operates.

In 2012, five tourists were killed and four others abducted after gunmen ambushed them in the area.
The Afar Revolutionary Democratic Front claimed responsibility for that attack.


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