Mekelle Youth clash with police in Mekelle City this evening.

Current Situation in Mekelle City

“Upset young people on Mekelle streets.

I’m in Mekelle right now & young people  extremely upset w/ what happened in Woldiiya  are going wild on Mekelle streets.
I was w/ friends at around Dinu’s (across from CBE) & saw a roudy group of youth coming from
the East side; shouting & screaming; blocking cars from turning left or right.

So, thinking they want to have the street for protest, we went to 16 area, but it wasn’t any better. More young people running wild;
frightened business people rushing to put their chairs & tables in & lock their doors.

We’re now in a bar called Tango, which is locked from inside, while we can hear the youth shouting in anger.
In all these, what amazes me is that no police patrol in car or on foot was around

until things went out of control. Is this a matter of unpreparedness? Underestimating the youth
anger in Tigrai? Whatever the reason it’s plain stupid & irresponsible!



Shots were fired. The bar understandably is not serving any drinks & it’s like a place of mourning.
We made a mistake of leaving the bar & 16 is deserted & it’s like a war zone.

Well, if there’s any thing good to come out of this, it’s for govt.
authorities & the security apparatus not to underestimate people’s anger.”

MinilikSalsawi /MEREJA

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