The first Ethiopian Amharic language novelist.

The first Ethiopian Amharic language novelist.

Years before author Afework G/Iyesus was accused of collaborating with the Italian invaders during the second Ethio-Itlay
war and confined in prison until the time of his passing, he brightly scrubbed his name on the page of history as the first Ethiopian author,
who published a novel in Amharic language.

They are titled as follow, 1. ጦቢያ a creative novel. 2.Menelik. historical documentation. Both of this books were written and published while the author was residing in Italy in early 1900. In fact, the attached image indicated him with his Italian wife in the early 1920s.

On the other part of his life, 20 years old Afework G/iyesus (1867- 1946) was regarded as the
brightest mind of his generation and handpicked by Menelik to be sent to Switzerland for further studies in the year 1887 and seized that opportunity to study Modern Literature.

At the end, the golden legacy of the undisputed penman was overshadowed by an accusation of him
being a banda following the defeat of fascism and died while he was in prison in 1946.

Eduardo Byrono

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