Attacks Targeting Amharas Took Place in 5 Areas in Just 3 Months; More than 76 Amharas Killed

Attacks Targeting Amharas Took Place in 5 Areas in Just 3 Months; More than 76 Amharas Killed (Branna Radio October 29, 2017)
Ethiopia’s politics of the past 40 years is a horizon that has entertained attacks targeted against the Amhara in every part of the country. It can be said that there is no place in Ethiopia where the blood of Amharas has not been shed ever since Tigray narrow nationalists started their movement by categorizing the Amhara people as their enemy. Targeted attacks against the Amhara have intensified at times and calmed down at others. However, in the past 5 years, evidence shows that they have continued with much more intensity than ever before.
In 2011/2012 (2004 Ethiopian Calendar), the regime that forcibly displaced more than 32,000 (thirty-two thousand) Amharas from Metekel, Kemash and Bench Maji zone also caused the painful deaths of hundreds.

Just in 2014/2015 (2007 EC), more than 70 (seventy) Amharas were killed in a Gondar prison, and more than 200 (two hundred) innocent citizens were massacred within a diameter of hundred and eighty kilometers in the area from Metema to Gondar based on the pretext of the Amhara and Kimant issue.

Just in September 2015, more than 600 (six hundred) Amharas were killed in Gura Ferda wereda of Bench Maji zone. It was in the same year that more than 40 (forty) innocent Amharas were killed in Weqet wereda of Shewa Robit.
In the years 2016 and 2017, during the time when the Amhara resistance continued, nearly 400 (four hundred) innocent citizens in Gondar and Gojjam were shot down and killed by Aghazi bullets. More than 20,000 (twenty thousand) were subjected to torture and imprisonment. In the regime’s 2017 (2009 EC) report that was issued through its mercenary, ANDM, 597 (five hundred and ninety-seven) Amharas were labeled as bandits and subjected to killings in North Gondar alone. The regime, not at all concerned about the killing of Amharas everywhere, continues causing massacres against our people.
In the period since August 2016 alone, more than 76 (seventy-six) of our people were brutally killed in attacks that targeted Amharas which were carried out in five different areas of the country. It was during this time that more than 10 (ten) Amharas were killed following the disagreement that ensued as the regime’s organs acted to incorporate irrigable lands in North Wollo and in the Afar border area that were the domain of North Wollo administration into Afar region.
In Jimma zone’s Tolay wereda, the properties of numerous Amharas were destroyed by fire and not less than 8 (eight) people were killed. Even if the national defense army was present at the Tolay military training center, it did not provide any legal protection to the Amhara people. In Limmu Kessa wereda of the same zone (Jimma zone), it has been a month since the homes and coffee plantations of hundreds of Amharas were being set on fire and destroyed. Yet, the regime does not provide any protection.

In the past week, 21 (twenty-one) people were killed for the sole reason of being Amhara and more than 10,000 (ten thousand) were forcibly displaced, with their houses and properties destroyed or robbed in an attack targeting Amharas. This happened in Chora and Dega weredas of Illubabor’s Buno Bedelle zone. Had the local elders not attempted to cool down the situation, the damage would have been much worse.
In less than a week, we also heard about the horrendous massacre that took away the lives of not less than 40 (forty) people. Their exact number remains unknown as the recovery of bodies has not yet been completed. The houses of Amharas residing in the kebele were also completely destroyed. This happened in Belodedessa kebele, Lojganfoy wereda of Kemash zone starting from October 27, 2017. It was caused by the incitement of the Benishangul Gumuz Special Force and wereda administrators. This cruel action has saddened many. Not only does it show how far the regime has gone to destroy the Amhara, it also demonstrates that our people lack protection.
Regarding yesterday’s [October 27, 2017] massacre, the leader of the Blue Party, Engineer Yilkal Getnet, posted in the social media, “According to the information I obtained from there by making a call, 30 to 40 people have been killed, more than 200 houses have been burned down. They have told me that the security situation puts their lives at risk and is too dangerous to pick up the dead bodies or to find out the actual number of the dead. The people who gave me the information have confirmed to me that the local authorities and the local security forces have been involved in the action. Until the time I obtained the information, the situation could not be controlled despite the presence of the defense and police force. They have also told me that an estimated number of around 1000 Amharas are in the wereda office to file their complaint.”
A witness that we talked to yesterday said they have counted 25 (twenty five) bodies and explained as follows. Yesterday [October 27, 2017], until noon, 17 bodies have been collected from various places and today, the citizens that we talked to say that the bodies of 8 people were picked up.
Even if we know that they do not get any kind of protection from the regime, we called ANDM’s spokesperson, Mr. Nigussu Tilahun, to verify the situation. However, he did not pick up his phone.
Committee Established both at Home and Abroad to Restore the Lives of Victims in Illubabor
A young man named Sisay Altasseb told Branna Radio that they have been active, with a committee having been established by young Amharas and a bank account opened in the home country in the names of three people at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. Mr. Sisay expressed that the support they have been getting is encouraging and that regarding the bank account which is opened in his, Yiftusera Mitiku’s, and Mr. Sentayehu Chekol’s names, they will disclose the donation process to the public in an open manner.
On the other hand, a GoFundMe account has been created online by Dr. Aregahegn Negatu and donations are being collected. Regarding the donations being gathered abroad, we have talked to Dr. Aregahegn Negatu but he did not give us details. We talked to Dr. Aregahegn on the phone today [October 28, 2017] but he hung up after saying that the Committee established under Moresh Wegenie is the one responsible to give explanations regarding such matters. We could not present further details as his phone was not picked up, despite our repeated attempts to talk to him again.

Reporter Newspaper Reports that Most Parts of the 4 Kebeles in North Gondar on Which Referendum did not Take Place Were Incorporated into Kimant Administration
Citing Mr. Ayelegn Mulualem, the administrator of North Gondar, Reporter newspaper stated that the kebele named Zala Shumye was divided into two and half of it added to Kimant. Similarly, half of the second kebele, Ankera Azada, has been incorporated into Kimant. The only kebele that has been incorporated into the existing administration is the small kebele named Geledba, populated by families represented by 300 male heads of household. Reporter has stated in its today issue that the fourth and last kebele, Nara Awdarda, has been made a part of Kimant.
Branna Radio October 29, 2017 (ጥቅምት 19፣ 2010)

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