Latest: Stockholm truck attack suspect was facing deportation

Update 1pm: The Stockholm truck attack suspect was an asylum seeker from Uzbekistan who had his application for Swedish residency rejected and was being sought for deportation, police said.
Jan Evensson, of Stockholm police, told a news conference on Sunday that the 39-year-old suspect’s request was rejected in June 2016 but police could not find him for deportation because he was not at the address he had given.
Jonas Hysing, of Sweden’s national police, said “we know he has been sympathetic to extremist organisations”.Mr Evenssen said police are holding five more people in connection with the deadly attack on Friday and have questioned over 500 others.
He said the four victims killed in the attack included one person from Britain, one from Belgium and two Swedes.
Earlier: The Swedish truck attack suspect was an asylum seeker who had his application rejected, Stockholm police said.
Meanwhile, a vigil is taking place this afternoon in Stockholm for those who were killed in the lorry attack.
Police now say one British person, two Belgians and two Swedes were killed in the attack in a busy shopping district of the Swedish capital.
Thousands are expected to hold a moment’s silence at 2.53pm, the time the attack happened two days ago.
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