Cheap smart phones, data drive up number of internet users in Kenya

The number of Internet users in Kenya has increased significantly in the last quarter of 2016, driven by affordable smartphones and data bundles.

The Communications Authority of Kenya’s latest quarterly report released Monday, indicates that the number of estimated Internet users grew 4.3 per cent to stand at 39.6 million compared to 37.7 million users during the preceding quarter. Internet penetration stood at 89.7 per cent up from 85.3 per cent during the previous quarter.

Mobile data subscriptions rose by 3.9 per cent and accounts for majority of the subscriptions, standing at 26.5 million subscriptions. Internet users in the country access data either through terrestrial wireless, fixed cable modem or fixed fibre optic, and all segments registered growth during the quarter under review.

Only the Satellite segment did not record growth.

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