The American coach of Olympic champion Mo Farah rejected claims he may have broken anti-doping rules to boost the performance of some of his athletes.

Alberto Salazar has been under investigation since a BBC Panorama programme in 2015 made allegations about drugs use at his US training base, and a leaked report from the US Anti-Doping Agency (Usada) was obtained by the Sunday Times this weekend.

“I believe in a clean sport, ” he said. “I do not use supplements that are banned.”

The leaked report also alleged Salazar – head coach of the world famous endurance Nike Oregon Project (NOP) – routinely gave Farah and other athletes prescription drugs with potentially harmful side-effects without a justifiable medical reason.

According to the Sunday Times, the leaked report claims Salazar used a banned method of infusing a legal supplement called L-carnitine.

“I have clearly and repeatedly refuted allegations directed against me and the Oregon Project,” Salazar said.

“I believe in a clean sport and a methodical, dedicated approach to training. The Oregon Project will never permit doping and all Oregon Project athletes are required to comply with the Wada Code and IAAF rules.

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