Sudan hands over 60 Ethiopians, one killed in a knife attack

Sudan has repatriated 63 Ethiopians who staged a protest rally against the increase in residence permit fees.
ESAT’s sources say one Ethiopian had died from a knife attack and others have undergone torture before they were repatriated to Ethiopia. The Ethiopians were crammed in a small room before Sudanese securities identified the leaders to be handed over to the Ethiopian security.
A Khartoum court on Saturday sentenced 65 Ethiopians to 40 lashes and a large fine for staging a demonstration at their embassy on Friday.
Hundreds of Ethiopian nationals living in the Sudanese capital demonstrated in front of their embassy in southern Khartoum on Friday in protest against the increased fees for a stay permit.
Sudanese authorities have reportedly raised the fees for a residence permit from $46 to $308. The protesters demanded the embassy to intervene.

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