Life threatens Ethiopia’s former president horribly.

  • Negasso Gidada (PhD), former president of Ethiopia, speaking to the state daily Amharic, Addis Zemen, detailing how he lives under economic hardship, denied of entitlements granted to a former head of state.
    Dr. Negasso Gidada was the President of Ethiopia from 1995 until 2001.
    After leaving his office, he joined by then a popular opposition party called Unity for Democracy and Justice. He was also elected as a chairman of the party and served for more than three years.
    Following his position as opposition, he was denied all the privileges he deserves as a retired president.
    His successor Girma Woldegiyorgis however, enjoys in a villa the government built for him.
    Few years ago Negasso told a newspaper that he lives in a house that rain can easily break. Because of the rain gets in to his house he has lost many of his research papers, books and magazines collections.
    He is now came to the public to tell what his life looks like. “This country and the state haven’t given me the recognition and privilege I deserve.”

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