Horrific moment naked man launches brutal street assault on defenceless woman waiting for a bus

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: At one point she curls into a ball due to the violent onslaught with the 55-year-old victim treated for trauma injuries and lacerations

This is the gut-wrenching moment a man without any clothes on throws a woman waiting for a bus to the ground before attacking her mercilessly.
CCTV street cameras show the stark naked aggressor punch his victim repeatedly after dragging her away from the bus stop as she tries to defend herself by covering her head and face with her arms.
At one point she appeared to curl into a ball as the violent onslaught continued unabated and her ability to resist was sapped.
The man, who social media users speculated was under the effects of drugs, only stopped and got up to run away as a motorist in a passing car approached from out of the camera’s range.

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