Hong Kong Marathon race record smashed by Melaku Belachew

Melaku Belachew
smashed course record at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon race,today, to claim a winner of Hong Kong Marathon 2017 title.

He clocked 2:10:31 which is better by more than two minutes even from his own personal best,according to report by IAAF.The report added that competition was stiff at about 10 kilometers into the finishing line. The race “started with a conservative opening 10km of 31:58 before the pace picked up with 15km being reached in 47:03,” says IAAF report.

Melaku’s decisive action came,it seems from IAAF report, at about 40 Kilometers when he managed to mark a gap from the rest of the leading back and maintained it to clock 2:10:31 at finishing line thereby writing new course record for Hong Kong Marathon. Takele finished third in 2:11:32.

“I wasn’t expecting that before I came here, but after 33km I felt it was possible and I went for it,” Melaku Belachew is quoted as saying, by IAAF. He took part in Hong Kong Marathon last year and finished eighth.

Women’s category of Honk Kong Marathon

The 2015 Frankfurt Marathon winner, Gulume Tollesa, emerged victorious in the women’s category of Hong Kong marathon today.

It took her 2:33:39 to finish the distance.

The competition in the last minutes was rather between Ethiopians. Aberu Mekuria finished second and Betelhem Moges fished third.

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