Rwanda bans health workers from using mobile phones at work

The government of Rwanda has prohibited medics in the East African country from using their mobile phones during working hours to “ensure better service delivery.”, according to a report by the New Times.
Rwanda’s Minister for Health, Dr Diane Gashumba, told health personnel at a workshop of the ban which is supposed to start being enforced from March 1st.
According to government officials the ban is among the ways they are working towards in improving the quality of health service delivery at all levels across the country.
The decision to implement the policy was reached following discussions with health ministry officials and health care officials that agreed that speaking on the phone for a long time on

personal matters was affecting delivery in the health sector according to Malik Kayumba, the head of the health communication division at Rwanda Biomedical Centre.
“They (healthcare providers) were sharing best practices with reports indicating that some hospitals, which banned use of personal phones, proved to be more productive,” said Malik Kayumba
Kayumba further said that the health ministry will be deliberating on how to implement and enforce the ban, but healthcare facilities will be fitted with office telephones for staff to use.

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