Sleep with onion rings inside the socks and see the result!

The therapeutic properties of onions are known
Since antiquity. These have always been considered one of the oldest remedies of the Persian, Egyptian, Roman civilizations, etc.
They are known to promote circulation by purifying blood and eliminating toxins.
Onions have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, healing, etc. properties, which help in the decongestion and liquefaction of the mucus in cases of colds and flu.
These mezias are well known by our ancestors and, perhaps due to forgetfulness and lack of passage of information, is no longer applied in today’s times:
In cases of colds, flu, cough and respiratory inflammations:
Cut one onion into slices and arrange on a plate. Leave the dish, all night, on your bedside table. And do not forget to close the door.
There are reports of considerable improvements from one day to the next!
You can also choose to make an Onion Cataplasm and apply it on your breast. It will help in relieving your constipation.
Em casos de dores reumáticas:
Some say the Indians were the first to discover the effects of onions against rheumatism. Therefore, the same poultice can also be used in cases of rheumatic pain, arthritis, etc.
You can arrange onion slices inside a sock, put it on and sleep with it at night – in case of ankle pain, for example.
Nervous system:
In traditional Chinese medicine it is believed that there are several points of our body linked together.
The feet have about 7,000 nerve endings that are interconnected with our internal organs. The fact that we wear shoes every day makes these nerves not stimulated in the best way – for this reason being barefoot in the sand is super beneficial.
Another way is to use onions to stimulate, fortify and detoxify your body – through the nerves present in your feet.
Use slices of onion at the base of your feet and put on a sock or wrap the feet with sticky film. You should do this treatment overnight.
While sleeping, the slices of onions will be doing their job.

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