(Video) Man Tried to set himself on Fire at the Kaaba

Makkah: Saudi forces successfully prevent man from setting himself on fire
JEDDAH: Saudi security forces successfully prevented a man from setting himself alight beside the Kaaba inside Makkah’s Grand Mosque late on Monday.
The man, who police said shows signs of mental illness, tried to set himself alight with gasoline but was arrested before he could do so.
The media spokesman for the special forces Maj. Raed Sameh Al-Sulami said that a citizen in his 40s was arrested near the Kaaba on Monday at 11 p.m. after pouring gasoline on his clothes.
“He was held before he went on with his dramatic self-immolation act and his behavior indicates that he is mentally ill. All the necessary measures will be taken,” the spokesman said.
Police did not elaborate on what action would be taken following the incident.

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