How to power nap: a very simple guide

Are you tired and feeling crabby during your work or at home…? A Power nap is your only solution. The best time for the power nap is at midday. The nodding of your head is the indication for you to take a sleep nap. Delaying your nap and taking it after 4 to 6 pm will adversely affect your night time sleep. If a nap has been taken correctly then it can make you more active, productive and alert.

Napping is not sleeping for a long or short time. It is just relaxing your mind and body for a short interval of time.
A good power nap after lunch can boost your productivity, lessen your stress, can save you from many diseases mainly the heart disease. It improves the concentration power and keeps the brain activity at higher stage. The NASA studies mention that the performance of an individual can be boosted by a nap of just 26 minutes.

There are a number of points to be kept in mind to take a good power nap such as:
Length of the nap
A good and supporting Place where the nap is being taken
Removal of Distractions
Setting the alarm
Soothing music
Food Intake
Making napping a routine
And others
Ideal length of nap
The best length of the nap is 20 minutes. You must at least take a 20 min nap. If you are feeling more stressed then you can increase it by 10 minutes i.e. a 30 minute nap will be a great energy booster.

If you have a lot of work and don’t have time to take a nap of 20 – 30 minutes but you are feeling sleepy so a 5 to 10 minutes nap can also help you to start your work with full energy.
A 50 – 90 minutes nap is a very long and lazy nap and can cause sleep inertia and can cause the dazed feeling which you will have after such a long nap.
Tips for a perfect nap
1.Place of nap is the very first decision you need to take before napping. You can select a dark room or a place where there is less or dim lightening. If you are working and there is no availability of space in your company or taking a nap can cause a firing situation for you then better do it in your car during your lunch break after having your lunch or during the tea or coffee break.
2.Now the second decision you need to take is the time period for how long you want to make your nap. It could be a nano, mini, power or long / lazy nap. 5 to 10 minutes of nap is the nano nap, 10 to 15 minutes is mini nap, the power nap is of 20 minutes and the nap whose time ranges from 30 to 90 is the long/lazy nap. A good choice can benefit in boosting your brain.
3.After selecting the time period of your nap just set alarm so that you wouldn’t get into a deep sleep. The deep sleep can cause sleep inertia and make you feel irritated.
4.If you are at work and pushing yourself to do the stressful work by pinching yourself then you must lay down your head for a small nap. While taking naps at work don’t start thinking about the stress or the work. This will totally waste your time and you will not get any rest at all.
5.Food intakes or a large amount of caffeine consumption greatly effects your napping. Also carbohydrates, sugar etc make it harder to get sleep so you must avoid intake of food rich in the above categories. Try to consume food containing protein or calcium or better take a glass of warm milk.
6.Some people take 30 minutes or more of time to get asleep and think that they can never get a good nap but it’s not mandatory to fall asleep to get a power nap. If you are unable to get asleep during the napping period then just close your eyes and meditate. This will refresh your mind and body. You will feel energetic again after this power nap. Dark room or an eye mask can help you get asleep faster.
7.All the distractions like phone, door bells etc must be removed. Mute your phone and hang a do not disturb tag on the door. This will help you in the removal of distractions.
8.Light and soothing music can make your mind in a right state for a nap. If you feel music disturbing then you can drop this idea.
9.The moms having newborns can take naps when their baby is asleep.
10.Make napping a routine. Taking nap regularly will reduce the risks of many diseases like heart disease. Keep your napping time consistent. For e.g.: As the midday nap is very beneficial so try to make the napping routine between 1 -3 pm daily. This is the only best time for napping; delaying this time will cause you problems in the night sleep.
11.Two British researchers discovered that a stimulant nap or caffeine nap i.e. taking caffeine or coffee just before your nap not a long before can more effectively boost your energy when you wake up from your scheduled nap.
The overall resultant is to keep in mind all the above points and try to make napping your routine. This will completely refresh you and make you feel like you have started a new day.

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