Protester accidentally sets himself ON FIRE as he pours petrol on a government effigy at a rally about teachers’ contracts

Sukhminder Singh Mann immediately rushed to hospital in unknown condition
He was demonstrating at a rally over the Punjab government’s education policy
A number of fellow protesters seem to attempt but fail in extinguishing him
Mr Mann was sprinkling accelerant onto a figure when he went up in flames A protester accidentally set himself on fire after pouring petrol a government effigy at a rally about teachers’ contracts.
The man – Sukhminder Singh Mann – was immediately rushed to hospital, but his condition is unknown.
He had been taking part in demonstrations in Bathinda, which included burning a dummy depicting the Punjab government amid unrest over the structure of education.

Sukhminder Singh Mann is engulfed by the flames at the demonstration in Bathinda, Punjab, India
A number of protesters, including this woman, appear to try and help douse the flames without success
Wearing a coat and jeans, Mr Mann can be seen screaming as his whole body is engulfed by flames.

It appears a number of fellow protesters attempt to pat him down, but the fire is too fierce.

He was helping sprinkle the effigy with an accelerant to make sure it burned quickly, but he ended up going up in flames.

The demonstrations were over teachers’ complaints the Punjab government has gone against their word by not regularising their services.

Union members claim the government had made a two-year contract with more than 7,000 volunteers in 2014 and promised to regularise their services after completion of the agreement.

Despite teachers and volunteers adhering to the two-year deal, the government remains unmoved on their regularising of the education services.

them completing a two-year contract with the state government.

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