Gamer’s live stream interrupted when his stunning half-naked mum walks into his room wearing just her bra and knickers

The teenager had made the fatal error of leaving his door wide open while streaming himself playing on his game

A gamer was left red-faced when his live stream was interrupted by his half-naked mum who walked into his room wearing just her bra and knickers .

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In the background, you can see that the door to his bedroom is wide open.

Moments later, his poor mother – completely oblivious to his life webcam – walks into the room wearing just a black bra and matching knickers.

Noticing immediately, the gamer quickly tells his mother that her half-naked body is being live streamed before shutting the door.

But she doesn’t seem to be too angry about it all, as she pokes her head back around the door and giggles, this time with her modesty intact.
The video has now been viewed more than 722,000 times since it was published on YouTube on December 17.
Viewers were quick to comment on the footage, with most praising the gamer and his mum for how they handled the situation.
One YouTube user wrote: “Could have gotten angry or embarrassed but instead laughed it off.”

Another translated the Danish that the mother and son exchanged, with the son allegedly saying to his mother: “Mum, for f*** sake you cannot walk in like that when I’m streaming.”

The mother replied that she was just checking whether he needed waking up in the morning.

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