Jeddah Tower to become world tallest replacing Burj Khalifa

In every field of engineering innovation is the talking point. Technology is getting advanced, more economical and efficient techniques are being developed resulting in modern wonders we see today.

Burj Khalifa tallest building till date is no less than a structural wonder. It’s unique, efficient and eye-catching deign makes it a great construction feat where whole construction process took almost 330,000 m3 of concrete and 55,000 tons of steel.

Jeddah Tower The New Tallest?

jeddah tower
Jeddah Tower


It is looking like Burj Khalifa is going to loose it Guinness world record of world tallest building and Saudi Arab is looking to construct Jeddah Tower which is whooping 1 km tall in its initial designs. On the other hand, Burj Khalifa is 827m tall.

This project is looking very likely as funds for the execution of this projects are already secured and scheduled date for its completion is expected to be 2020.

According to CNN  Mounib Hammoud, Chief Executive Officer of Jeddah Economic Company said that “With this deal, we will reach new, as yet unheard of highs in real estate development, and will fulfill the company’s objective of creating a world-class urban center that offers an advanced lifestyle, so that Jeddah may have a new iconic landmark that attracts people from all walks of society with comprehensive services and a multitude of uses,”

Jeddah Tower Design And Architecture

Jeddah Tower is expected to afford 200 floors and according to Saudi Gazette, this project will require about 5.7 million square feet of concrete and 80,000 tons of steel.

As We all know as engineers that building a structure on the coast is not child,s play. You have to deal with the aggressive marine environment which can be catastrophic for your Reinforcement in concrete. Foundations of Jeddah tower are designed to be 60 meters deep. These foundations have to resist coastal water action. As a result, Advance Material technologist are working on getting construction materials right for these tricky situations.


Concreting for such a tall tower is sure a challenge and it is expected that similar techniques of pumping will be used as were in Burj Khalifa where 6 million cubic feet of concrete was pushed using high power pumps during night time so that temperature remains cold.

Wind Loading

Another headache comes with tall buildings is increase wind forces which can become catastrophic if the building is not properly designed for wind. To tackle this problem engineers have come up with an innovative idea. Jeddah tower will change shape regularly.

“Because it changes shape every few floors, the wind loads go round the building and won’t be as extreme as on a really solid block,” Gordon Gill explained to Construction Weekly.

Final Remarks

If everything goes right Jeddah Tower (also known as kingdom tower) can become an architectural and design feat.Sang Dae Kim, the director of the Council on Tall Buildings is hopeful that this project will become a reality.  “At this point in time, we can build a tower that is one kilometer, maybe two kilometers. Any higher than that and we will have to do a lot of homework,” he told Construction Weekly.

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