Homemade Remedy to Brighten Your Skin

Ingredients Required:

1. 1 table Spoon of Black Lentil (Black Urad Dal)

  1. 1 table Spoon of Green Lentil (Green Moong Dal)
  2. ½ table Spoon of finely grounded White Sandalwood Powder
  3. ½ table Spoon of finely grounded Red Sandalwood Powder
  4. Just a Pinch of Turmeric6. Organic Rose Water

Step 1: Put both already soaked lentil (Black and Green) into a grinder and grind it for about 30 seconds.
Step 2: now simply Add Red as well as White Sandalwood Powder also the freshly grounded Turmeric powder in this mixture.
Step 3: now make a super fine paste with the help of the cool Rose Water.
Step 4: you could simply apply this Ubtan onto your face as well as on the neck area for about 15-20 minutes. Or till the ubtan dries.
Step 5: Once when the Ubtan would dry, then simply wash the face with nice luke warm water by rubbing it in anti-clockwise direction and after this you should apply your favourite moisturiser.

This ubtan Would lighten the complexion. Apart from lightening the complexion, it would also work on removing as well as lightning your facial hairs.

Some points to remember:

  1. Red Sandalwood Powder, could be skipped if you can’t get the particular ingredient.
  2. One could also store this powdery form of both of the pulses within an air tight container.
  3. Simply try to avoid the regular turmeric; it could stain the face. Replace the same with Amba Haldi if it is possible.

Do let me know how it worked for you by simply scribbling below!

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