Homemade Garlic Drink – Powerful Remedy That Can Purify Your Blood And Clean Blood Vessels

Do you belong to that group of people who always feel very tired? Do you constantly ask yourself: why is that so? Well, we have the answer. Your blood may be contaminated with toxins which have bad effect on the overall health causing circulation problems. Thus, you need to clean the body from the toxins in order to solve and prevent those problems.

You can cleanse your blood with one easy beverage which requires ingredients that are already in your kitchen. The ingredients are: red wine and garlic.
By using this remedy you will:
– Cleanse your blood
– Remove the extra fat and salt from your body
– Improve the function of the digestive system

12 garlic cloves
17 oz/1/2 liter of red wine


1. Add 12 garlic cloves in a jug and cut each clove into quarters. After that add the wine and tightly close the jug.
2. The jug should be kept on a sunny place for two weeks. You should shake it every day in order to blend well the fixings.
3. After two weeks, nicely strain the mixture from the jug and pour it in a glass jar.
4. Consume one tablespoon of this mixture every day for a month.
Everyone can drink this beverage because it positively affects the body and cleans the blood. Use it for one month, then make a break for six months and start useing it again.

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