Temesgen Desalegn will be released in 13 days, family says.

Ethiopian prominent Journalist Temesgen Desalegn to be released on October 13. according to his family.


Temesgen was accused of terrorism act and inciting violence by writing different articles that calls the youth to prepare for revolution.

Despite having 35 pending court cases over his head, Temesgen tested the regime’s resolve by reappearing as editor or columnist in four consecutive publications: FetehAddis Times,Le’elina and finally Fact.

The saga between Temesgen and the government quickly turned into a cat-and-mouse game, as the government shut down each of thepublications in turn between 2008 and 2014.

But even when his fourth publication Fact wasshunned during the August 2014 near-total shutdown of the private press, Temesgen was unyielding. Instead, he continued to search for other avenues to publish his criticisms.


In October 2014, the government reinstated“defamation” and “inciting violence” charges against Temesgen. The charges dated from 2012 for which Temesgen was imprisoned briefly, before prosecution was abandoned.


Finally, the court sentenced him to a three-year prison term. Since then, he has languished in the notoriousZiway prison (located in the hottest Great Rift Valley region), 165 kilometers outside the capital.

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