Massive Explosion Rocks Crowded Street in Budapest Injuring Two Police Officers

A massive explosion rocked the crowded streets of Budapest, Hungary on Saturday night with initial reports of several injuries. The cause of the explosion is not yet known.

A massive explosion struck the central area of the Hungarian capital of Budapest late Saturday night. Social media video shows a heavy police presence at the Oktogon intersection while eyewitnesses are reporting that several casualties occurred as a result of the blast. At least two people injured in the blast were taken to a hospital according to Hungarian Blikk daily newspaper reports citing local emergency services. The two injured people reported by the outlet are believed to be police officers. Jkv (@climbingjonny) September 24, 2016 There is no word yet whether the explosion in Budapest was a terror attack that was thwarted, if the police officers injured in the blast were the target of an attack or whether the cops were injured by sheer incidence from a spontaneous explosion.

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