CARE FOR HIGH RISK PREGNANCYremedios-caseros-para-un-embarazo-de-alto-riesgoHigh-risk pregnancy presents more likely to birth complications for both the baby and the mother. Therefore, it is advisable that during pregnancy a medical examination is carried to avoid any risk. Follow our tutorial pregnancy care to avoid complications during childbirth. Generally, risk pregnancy is detected in the preconception consultation but throughout pregnancy, some problems may arise identify pregnancy as high risk.

All pregnancy care

Caring in a high-risk pregnancy

To achieve proper care for high-risk pregnancy should follow these recommendations and thus prevent complications as far as possible:

Eating a balanced and healthy diet during pregnancy.
Go to a previous revision pregnancy to minimize risk and detect possible anomalies and treated before a new pregnancy.
Do not miss doctor’s visits to detect complications early.
Visit maternal-fetal medicine specialist centers.
Do not drink alcohol, snuff, drugs or toxic substances.
Try to rest and limit physical exercise.

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