How to Be Polite if You Are a Female Teen

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      Learn how to say you are sorry. Look the person in the eyes and be very direct. You don’t need to bring it up again and again.
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      Open doors for people behind you, even adult men and boys.
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      Practice arriving on time to all events. It is rude to be late not fashionable. Do not be the last to leave any party for it is not safe.
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      Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready for a date so you are not making him wait. Blot your lipstick so it does not ruin cloth napkins and rim the glasses. Always say “please” and “thank you” with every person in your life including your dates.
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      Treat your e-mail friends well by not overdosing them with useless e-mails.Never send lewd jokes or pictures of yourself over the internet, it might not end up with just your friends.
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      Host a good party by making sure all your guests are happy and comfortable.Make it your #1 priority. Don’t assume people know each other, introduce everyone-it is your job! Introduce the older person first. Introduce the male to the female. Don’t think that all adults want to be known by their first names unless you have been directed to do so. Make sure to serve food.
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      Understand that chewing with your mouth open is rude and gross.
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      Face the people in their seats as you make your way down the row. Don’t make them look at your rear.
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      Be quick to compliment a person when you are alone with them not in a crowd.
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      Dress for the occasion. Wear dark clothes for a funeral. Tell the grieving family “how sorry you are” and keep it simple. Do not wear white to a wedding and never try to upstage the bride. Give up the idea of wearing tight clothes that don’t fit. It does not look good.
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      Stay mindful of your appearance at all times. After eating check your teeth in the restroom not at the table. Do not put your makeup on in public. Do not have chipped nail polish or paint your nails in public.
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      Observe good table manners. Always put your napkin on your lap first. Leave your napkin on the chair not the table when you get up to leave to use the restroom. Start with the fork on the outside. When done with meal put fork and knife on the plate. Do not put a dirty knife/fork/spoon back on table. Once your knife is dirtied, do not put it on tablecloth. Do not salt your food before tasting it. Eat pasta with a fork and spoon not a knife. Always say “excuse me” to pass by someone.
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      Strike up any conversation by not talking about yourself first. Appreciate and be positive of where you are.Ask a couple of questions and be interested.Don’t look around the room while you are talking. Think before you speak. Always end a conversation with a compliment such as “It was nice talking to you.” Or “It is great to finally meet you.”

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