Ethiopia; Government sending protesters to military camps for training.

Following the arrests of thousands of youth in Bahir Dar, government is taking different measures to stop the protests that is going on all over the country. One of these is taking young men to the military camps.

Here is a story.

“This is sad to my brother Yihenew Manaye and thousands of our brothers and sisters in and around  BahirDar.” says Belay Manaye, online activist.

“These young people have been arrested in mass during Amhara protests in Bahir Dar, Gojjam and Gondar. My brother was taken from home by police a week ago. We, his families, didn’t know his whereabouts for days. We only knew a day before yesterday that he was detained in Bahir Dar, Abay Mado, with many other young people.”
Families have not been allowed to visit. And worse, They are not informed that the government has taken many young people to BirS heleko, a military training camp in West Gojjam. I’m worried that there could be inhuman treatments happening to my brother and fellow ones.

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