A call to the Ethiopian Regime.

This full-fledged war and mass killing of a civilian population in Amhara Region of Ethiopia by deploying regular army and security forces must immediately be stopped.

The EPRDF leadership, both civilian and military, must know that there is direct personal accountability and responsibility for these crimes.

The UN Security Council must intervene in Ethiopian situation to protect Ethiopian civilians from Ethiopian Regular Army and Security forces both in Amhara and Oromia regions.

Every Ethiopian from every corner of the country must condemn and demand an immediate halt to these killings and protest the actions of the EPRDF government and stand with the Amhara people!!

It is a historic mistake on the part of all Ethiopians from Oromia to Southern Nations and Nationalities to Tigray to the Somali Region and others not to stand with the Amhara population and condemn these government brutalities

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