Ethiopians are mocking the new study about Lucy’s death.

The new study revealed yesterday claims that Lucy, the fossil of 4 million years was died after she fallen from a tree. Her 40 percent of skeleton was found because she was failed in a ditch, according to the study.

When the story was aired by the state media EBC many Ethiopians mocked it with different jocks and lighters.

here are the few comments found on social media.

* Yea Lucy failed from the tree while searching the network signal. (the serious problem in Ethiopia is a mobile network)

* This time, we are not listing any failure but the government.

* I hope Abebe Gelaw was not behind her when she fall. (Abebe is the journalist who shouted at the late prime minister at the G* meeting four years ago.)

* The ruling party want to accuse trees because Jawar Mohammed used it as an example to connect the two big ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Amhara and Oromo.  (Jawar is an Oromo activist)

The majority of Ethiopians does not believe the stories of Lucy, Dink Nesh because of religious background.



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