Why the regime in Ethiopia must go?

A one party government in Ethiopia is now 25 years old since it assume the throne. Since then, the country has faced several challenges.

There are numerous reasons why this government must end. Here are some of the reasons.

1) The regime put a divide and rule system that divides the nation that was together for thousands of years.

2) It has never been willing to create a democratic system in the country.

3) The regime silenced all independent voices by killings and arrests.

4) The regime is made of one minority ethnic group that encompasses only 6 million out of the Ethiopian 100 million population.

5) It never wanted to change itself according to the current needs of the country.

6) The single party that is strongly holding the government power is named as Tegray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) and it still forecasts to separate Tegrians from Ethiopia.

7) All the ruling party officials are corrupted and never been investigated by the unti- corruption commission.

These are just to mention but there are countless reasons to stop the current Ethiopian dictatorial regime.


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