Crowdfunding campaign for protesting Ethiopian athlete

A crowdfunding campaign has been set up to aid Ethiopian athlete Feyisa Lilesa, hours after he staged a protest against the government as he won a silver medal in the men’s marathon at the just ended Olympics in Rio, Brazil.

Lilesa crossed his arms above – a gesture made by the Oromo people who have suffered brutal police crackdowns – as he finished the race.

He now fears for his life and says he might be forced to move to another country.

Organisers say that the fundraising drive had initially targeted $10,000 (£7,628) but it had been exceeded within an hour.

They say they have since revised the target to $40,000 and have so far raised 33,000.

The gesture has been made by the Oromo people

Getty Images

The gesture has been made by the Oromo people

Lilesa is from Oromia, home to most of Ethiopia’s 35 million Oromo people.

He repeated the protest gesture later at a press conference.

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