Breaking Six High Level Ethiopian Diplomat defected

Six high-level diplomats who have been serving at different consular positions have reportedly defected from the Ethiopian regime.Sources told ESAT that these diplomats didn’t returned to Ethiopia and failed to report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after completing their terms.Sources from the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also revealed that the diplomats had served in Ghana, United States, South Africa, and India. These diplomats were subordinate to ambassadors in respective countries. Ato Yohannes Getahun and Ms. Emebet Birru, (Minister Councilor and attaché at Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC respectively ), are among the top diplomats who have already defected, information ESAT received from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Addis Ababa revealed. Ato. Elias Worku and Ato Getachew Mulualem who served as counselors at Ethiopian Embassy in South Africa have purportedly defected from the Ethiopian regime. In addition, Ato Eshete Misgana who worked in Ghana as a counselor of the Ambassador did not report to the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Addis Ababa after his term was over. Moreover, Ato Henock Asnake, a counselor at the Ethiopian Embassy in India, has also defected making him the 6th diplomat to abandon the EPRDF government. High level political defections are common in EPRDF’s Ethiopia. Sources from Ethiopian embassy locations around the world reveale that the embassy staff could not properly conduct their work due to ethnic based politics, internal bickering and nepotism.

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