Former Burkina Faso president to stand trial for the murder of revolutionary Thomas Sankara

Former Burkina Faso president Blaise Compaoré is set to go on trial in November over the alleged assassination of former president Thomas Sankara.

Following his ouster from the presidency, the Burkinabe military tribunal issued a warrant of arrest against Compaoré in connection with the assassination of his predecessor.

A commissioner of the tribunal, Alioune Zanre told journalists that 13 others will also face trial in connection with the crime.

As part of the investigation, the military tribunal indicted 13 other suspects in connection with the assassination of Thomas Sankara in 1987.

Seven are in custody, four have not been detained while two others are still on the run.

The two are Blaise Compaore and Hyacinte Kafando, his chief bodyguard at the time of Sankara’s death.

Fifty-two witnesses and thirteen civil parties are expected at the trial.

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