South Sudan President calls for peaceful demonstrations against the AU peace force

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has called for a demonstration against the addition of more troops to the country endorsed by the African Union reports Radio Tamazuj

The government sponsored demonstration has been called for Wednesday morning in Juba starting from the ruling party’s SPLM house to John Garang Memorial.

African Union has agreed on a plan by the East African bloc IGAD to reinforce the United Nations Mission in South Sudan with more African peacekeepers. Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria and Algeria supported IGAD’s position on adding the regional army troop to enforce peace the East African nation.

“There is the idea of promoting deployment of an African force within the UN. All the questions have been accepted by the summit itself.  So you will find them in the decision which will be made public,” said AU Commissioner for Peace and Security Smail Chergui, confirming the AU support for the reinforcement

The Commissioner further added that the AU is looking to sending an African force with a ‘robust peace enforcement’ mandate to Africa’s youngest nation, similar to the African intervention brigade in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. However, he didn’t give the time when the African troops would arrive in South Sudan.

The US has advised its citizens to avoid the areas the demonstrations will be claiming even peaceful protests can turn violent.

The spokesperson of Kiir’s faction of the SPLM , told Radio Tamazuj that the move (more foreign soldiers) would be considered a declaration of war. Kiir’s Dinka Council of Elders, a group of supporters from his tribe, made similar statements according to the report by the South Sudan radio station.

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