Only 10 African Universities make it into world’s top 1000 universities ranking

Higher education in Africa is lagging far behind compared to other continents according to figures recently released by The Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR).

CWUR published a list of the world’s top 1000 universities in 2016, with only 10 African universities making the cut.

All the 10 African universities that made it into the top 1000 were drawn from just three countries, with South Africa contributing five, Egypt giving four while Uganda had just one.

According to CWUR, Africa’s best university is the University of Witwatersrand from South Africa, ranked at 176.

South Africa contributes four more universities sequentially; University of Cape Town (264), Stellenbosch University (329), University Of KwaZulu-Natal (467) and University of Pretoria (697)

The Egyptian universities that made it into the top 1000 are; Cairo University (771), Ain Shams University (960), Mansoura University (985) and Alexandria University (995).

The final African university that made it into the top 1000 is Uganda’s Makerere University (846).

Here is a list of the African Universities that made it into the top 1000 universities worldwide;

  1. University of Witwatersrand (176) – South Africa
  2. University of Cape Town (264) – South Africa
  3. Stellenbosch University (329) – South Africa
  4. University of KwaZulu-Natal (467) – South Africa
  5. University of Pretoria (697) – South Africa
  6. Cairo University (771) – Egypt
  7. Makerere University (846) – Uganda
  8. Ain Shams University (960) – Egypt
  9. Mansoura University (985) – Egypt
  10. Alexandria University (995) – Egypt

See full list here;

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