We’ve all come across people with piercings in some strange places that leave us walking away with plenty of questions dancing through our heads. According to Providr, there’s one that looks pretty uncomfortable that actually has a valid reason behind it.

While the appearance benefits of an inner ear piercing always spark some interesting debate, it turns out that they may not simply be some form of vanity exercise on the part of the wearer. There’s actually a holistic school of thought that suggests that piercing this part of the body can act as a cure for chronic migraines, which would certainly give even non-piercers some pause as to whether they should go ahead and get one.

Piercing in this part of the ear is called a daith piercing, and it hits the same pressure points that auricular acupuncture may hit.

“I’ve had many people come to me looking for migraine relief. It’s a much cheaper alternative to medicine and even acupuncture, and many of their doctors recommend it to them,” explains Dave Curlander, owner of the Tempest Artistic Studio.

So next time you see this piercing, it may not simply because the wearer finds it aesthetically pleasing, but rather because they’re sick and tired of dealing with excruciating migraines.

Source: Providr
Photo: Daily Feed

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