Emirati businessman attacked by american armed police, because of his cloth and language

AVON, OHIO — Ahmed al-Menhali, a 41-year-old man from the United Arab Emirates visited the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Avon, just outside of Cleveland, Ohio on June 29th, 2016. Due to the Republican National Convention, however, rooms were fully booked.

Menhali is said to have asked the clerks for recommendations on other locations to stay, but as he left the hotel, Menhali was arrested by Avon Police. A hotel employee reportedly had quickly called the cops reporting that “an Arab man had pledged his allegiance to ISIS.”

Menhali, dressed in what many in the UAE wear on a daily basis — a traditional, full-length Arab white robe — was searched, his shoes removed and his phone examined. Finally, cops started to listen to the UAE businessman; who had been all along protesting his innocence.

Getting a relative on the phone, officers confirmed Menhali is a UAE citizen getting medical treatment in Cleveland for a stroke. —Um … oops.

Menhali, a father of three, later told the media he may have had another stroke due to the arrest. As of press time the Cleveland chapter of the Council on American Islamic Affairs could not confirm if Menhali did indeed suffer a stroke during the videotaped arrest.

A subsequent meeting took place between Mr. Menhali and Avon’s mayor, police chief and law director, during which many apologies were made. Al Jazeera reports Menhali is ruminating with his lawyers on possible legal action.

Reports from the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs are advising citizens not to wear traditional robes or the “national dress” when traveling abroad and specifically to not do so, “when in public places to ensure their safety.” Emirati businessman attacked by american armed police, because of his cloth and language Subcribers ISIS Arab robe? UAE man in Arab dress arrested in Ohio after 911 ‘ISIS’ call – TomoNews

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