Homemade Natural Remedy To Get Rid Of Flies

Summer is here and that means your #1 nemesis will be buzzing through the air, bothering the heck out of you. It’s the fly!

Flies will indeed be everywhere this summer. Before going for that toxic can of fly spray, try this out. It’s quick, easy, very cheap, and it works!

So here’s what you need:

Plastic sandwich bags, lime juice, a few pennies, and salt.


First, put two and a half cups of water into a bowl.

Now add in the salt and the lime juice. Just 2 or 3 squirts of the lime juice should be fine.

Stir it up and blend together. It should look like regular water, but these ingredients added makes this last longer.

Now pour the mix into the Ziploc bag until nearly full.

Drop the pennies into the mix and seal the bag.


You can use a simple paper clip to hang the bag up.

Now take some string and you can hang it wherever you need it.


And there you have it. No more flies! If you have a larger area, add a few more bags to really eliminate the fly problem

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