Be’āwedeyi city government endeavored to people in the middle of a conflict, six people died

Today āwedeyi ensuing confrontation zone in the east of the city, six people have murdered the inhabitants.
In turn, the number of people killed in the hospital yehāromiye quoted today confirmed that they are getting treatment in a hospital and that three of four.

Be’āwedeyi a mobile phone shop in the city, a grocery shop next to the interior of the local population beyond the fire for an unknown reason they continue to try to destroy kemešek’i standing bimets’enumi help the local authorities ye’opidi’o not succeed despite failing to help residents angry: “There is always something you yemitederigulini” So Go that could destabilize the security forces, Mohammed Abba J. Garrow, a young Oromo reports showed that part of the US voice on the phone calling the conflict into place. Untitledsource

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