Habtamu Ayalew Medical Privacy Invaded.

The medical report of Habtamu Ayalew is being distributed through social media by the ruling party supporters since last night claiming he cannot go to abroad.

It is unethical, and invasion of patient’s privacy and violation of the confidentiality agreements Mr. Habtamu Ayalew have with the medical institutions treating him to publish his personal health information on social media and elsewhere without his permission or the permission of the medical institutions treating him.

The medical institution, the patient and/or other concerned professional associations with standing must take the invasion of the patient’s privacy and violations of patient’s confidentiality agreements seriously and initiate appropriate legal actions to redress the damages done; and to punitively prevent similar tort in the future.


The treatment and the medical conditions of Mr. Habtamu Ayalew should be left to his doctors and the patient himself. The Ethiopian government and other political interest groups should not deny, interfere or obstruct the medical decisions of Mr. Habtamu Ayalew’s personal doctors including his rights to get medical treatment outside Ethiopia.

Mr. Habtamu Ayalew’s medical treatment and choices should not be violated by the Ethiopian government and its agencies because of his beliefs, ideals, and convictions.


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