Ethiopian exiled journalists, opposition members in Kenya demand Habtamu Ayalew go for medical treatment.

Following the government restriction of Habtamu Ayalew not to go to another country for further health treatment, Ethiopian journalists and political activists living in Kenya marched to Amnesty International’s head quarter for Africa.

Many of them claimed the international organizations must put a pressure on the Ethiopian government to allow Habtamu go abroad and get a proper medication.

Amnesty International’s researcher  of Ethiopia and Eritrea Mr Feseha told the participants that the organization is following the case very closely and it will keep pressuring the government to uphold the basic rights of the individual.

Amnesty International reported yesterday saying Habtamu’s right must be respected and he must be allowed for medical treatment in abroad. Ethiopian journalists and opposition political party members in exile are very much concerned the ongoing Ethiopia’s political sphere and demand the government to respect its own constitutions and basic human rights.



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