One thought on “Ethiopian Messi (Haileysus Melkamu) Football Tricks Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

  • May 28, 2016 at 7:40 am

    Really we have a potentail for a football but if we didn’t follow the right direction interms of sport adminstating sector, increasing the number of investors on football from kid stage up to profissionals like other busseness and considering any individuals those are coming by their effort like hayleyesus up to well stractured football systems is created in the futere is the the optionless in a time uless we may loss such like talented man what our country growing up. So it better to think over it when we talk about our any sport in our country and further for Hayleyesus melkamu chalenge is nothing…please don’t think back ward never ever you had acomplished the majority of road and you left with short distance to be….. I’m heartfully wish for you a pataint and success in your decipline and ONE DAY I WILL FIND YOU IN ETHIO…NATIONAL TEAM! GOD bless you and Ethiopia.


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