2016 Billboard Music Awards Winners Recap

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It was a crazy competitive night at tonight’s 2016 Billboard music awards, with many deserving artists getting recognized for the incredible work they’ve brought us in the last year.

While The Weeknd lead the nominees with 19 different nominations, he ended up winning for Top Hot 100 artist thanks to hits like “Can’t Feel My Face” and “The Hills”, as well as for Top R&B Song for “The Hills”. He dedicated his first award to the late Prince, whose presence was very much felth throughout the night.

As for other male artists, Justin Bieber took home the Top Male Artist, while Fetty Wap won the Top New Artist award

As for the female artists, Adele had a big night winning both the Top Billboard 200 award and the Top Female Artist award, beating out Taylor, Selena, Ariana, AND Rihanna in the latter category. She also debuted her beautifully trippy new music video for “Send My Love To Your New Lover”, which she shared along with two thank you videos.

It was such a bummer she couldn’t perform live since she’s still away on tour, but that didn’t stop her from reigning queen of the awards. And don’t worry, your girl Taylor didn’t get completely snubbed, because she won top touring artist, which she can of course add to the other million existing awards she’s already collected thanks to her 1989 album. We love them both so, so much, and they are both so deserving–but does anyone else feel a little bad for the female artists, like Ariana and Meghan Trainor–who showed up, performed at the show, and STILL went home empty handed? That’s gotta be a little bit of an ouch, right?

Other noteworthy awards went to Rihanna for the fan-voted Billboard Chart Achievement Award, Wiz Khalifa for Top Hot 100 Song for “See You Again”, and Top Group went to One Direction. If that doesn’t get them to stop being on hiatus frankly I think the music industry is running out of incentives. #sadface. Speaking of emojis, Justin Bieber also won for “Top Social Media Artist”, so we should probably be expecting a shirtless “Thank you” Instagram any minute now, right? We can only hope.

So who do you think was the most deserving winner at tonight’s show? Who do you think got totally snubbed? Let me hear all your thoughts in the comments, and after that click right here to watch Ariana Grande’s Trip on the Magenta carpet. Thanks so much for hanging out with me on Newsfeed, I’m your host Misty Kingma and I’ll see you guys next time!

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