I Didn’t Intend to Damage Her V*gina – Pastor Arrested for Defiling a 7-year-old Girl (Photo)

A 62-year-old pastor and founder of Dayspring Family Chapel in the Egbeda area of Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, identified as Pastor Isaiah Ojo, has been arrested after he allegedly took the

7-year-old daughter of his friend and fellow pastor, Bidemi, laid her on the altar of his church and had carnal knowledge of her.

According to The Tribune, as at Friday, May 13, the little girl had yet to stop bleeding from the incident which occurred since Monday, May 9, 2016, as the girl’s vagina was reportedly badly

torn by forced penetration that she had been bleeding since the incident..

The randy pastor who was arrested on Thursday, May 12 by Egbeda Division of the Oyo State Police Command after initial disappearance, is yet to reveal his motive for committing the act on a

church altar.
Narrating her experience in the hands of the pastor, Bidemi said: “Daddy Dayspring is my father’s friend. On Monday, my younger brother and I went to greet him. While my brother was playing

outside, Daddy Dayspring asked me to lay on the rug.
“He laid beside me, removed my underpants and then removed his trousers. He first put his fingers in my private part. He later put his p*nis in my v*gina and I cried. He removed it and blood started coming out. He warned me against telling anyone, saying that I would die if I did. It was when I went outside to urinate that I noticed that blood was coming out of my private part,” the victim said.
While narrating how he discovered his daughter’s condition, the victim’s 50-year-old father, who would simply be identified as Pastor T, stated: “I was not aware of what happened on that Monday because I attended a revival held by Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Egbeda. On Tuesday evening, I overheard her elder brother saying: ‘tell Mummy’, but I did not pay attention because I thought it was the usual children’s pranks.
“It was my wife who told me to check my daughter’s private part and when I did, I noticed that her pants were stained with blood. Thinking that something injured her, I quickly rushed her to the healthcentre; but was surprised when I saw that the blood was coming from her private part when the nurses checked her. She was treated and we returned home.


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