Ethiopian man was killed by robbers in South Africa

South-Africa-cape-townEthiopian young man was killed by robbers in South Africa

Last week, an Ethiopian megedelunine robbers who engaged in a location in St. Francis Bay, South Africa, Eastern Town businessman follows the citizens of foreign countries in the area are due in stores in local town.
The 27-year-old Ethiopian Job medēmo over 9 days ago kiwenomizemo the environment while at the same robber was killed moments report, the young man allegedly killed a robber in the store after the store received zerifo possessing Ethiopians, they are Ethiopians revealed last Sunday tournament life, said local residents affected by torture.
This would have begun robbing citizens of foreign countries in the organized thugs mek’ešik’ešunine anger at South Africans in local record stores around Vista, DC, revealed the spokesman confirmed mezerefechewini local police and eight foreign countries stores.
The report alludes to hoodwink the police to stop the local Jatropha, bezerefewi the three South āfirikewiyenimi suspected of operating under the control of the police used to extend the school announced Thursday behumeniši ex Court.
In other news, the Supreme Court also yeluwenigiwe illegal border violation and sentenced the 41 refugees on Thursday signed the appellate court’s decision to transfer Lusaka, Zambia Times reported that the country’s website. Ethiopians immigrants found guilty of the charges leveled, did that three months in jail or a financial report, announced that immigrants under the age of 30 years. Ethiopians refugees in Zambia police and security personnel across the border lead to calls for Zimbabwe to be said luwenigiwe durability under control.
In the past months tried to cross the border in the same way that 16 Ethiopian refugees in the country’s security forces under the control inidewelumi finals.

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