34 Ethiopians arrested in Zambia

Security officers in Luangwa District have intercepted 34 Ethiopian prohibited immigrants who were trying to use the Luangwa border to cross the Zambezi River into Zimbabwe enroute to South Africa.

Luangwa Police Officer In-Charge, Assistant Superintendent, Mataa Muleta and Immigration officers confirmed the interception of the Ethiopian nationals.

Mr Mulata said the immigrants entered Zambia through Nakonde border post from Tanzania and disembarked from the vehicle they were traveling in at Luangwa Bridge market in Rufunsa District as they were trying to avoid a police checkpoint.

Alert security wings apprehended the immigrants members of the public reported them to the police.

He further said one of the 34 was badly beaten by community members after they suspected him of being a ritual killer and is nursing wounds at Katondwe mission hospital.

Mr Mulata said the 33 are in police custody.

Last month 16 prohibited Ethiopian Immigrants who were travelling in a Toyota Haice mini bus driven by two Zambian nationals were also intercepted along the Luangwa main road and appeared before the Luangwa Magistrate Court were they were fined one hundred

Source: http://www.znbc.co.zm/?p=36762

Posted by: ZNBC User
Posted by: ZNBC User

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