A MUM who used lipstick suffered a severe allergic reaction and woke up choking with a huge swollen lip.


Now Lily Cleopatra Maurice is warning other women over social media to check the ingredients of their makeup before making a purchase.

The mum from Florida picked up a CoverGirl Queen Collection lipstick from a Walmart.

video Mum sends message to lipstick brand after she woke up with HUGE swollen lips thumbnail
Mum sends message to lipstick brand after she woke up with HUGE swollen lips

One day after applying it she went to sleep and the following morning found her lip had ballooned.

Lily wrote on Facebook: “Please be aware of the queen collection CoverGirl lipstick.

“Purchased [lipstick] this week woke up choking with huge swollen lips. I had to be rushed to the ER! Could’ve died in my sleep.”

She also published a series of photos and made a video of herself driving to A&E, explaining that she’s currently breastfeeding and will have to take medication to help her recover.

Lily’s post and photos on Facebook have been shared more than 56,000 times Facebook

It appears that it was only her bottom lip that swelled overnight – however, a doctor told her that “it could’ve been fatal” if she had been a heavier sleeper.

The post and photos have been shared more than 56,000 times in six days.

CoverGirl Communication employee, Laura Brinker, said: “As soon as we learned of this woman’s experience, which would certainly not be expected from lipstick use, we reached out to her to learn more about what happened and see how we could help.

In the video Lily tells CoverGirl that she is currently breastfeeding but cannot now as she will have to use legal drugs to help her recover Facebook

“We are glad to hear she is okay and are awaiting her response. At CoverGirl, the safety of people who use our brand is our top priority. We conduct extensive testing on all our products to ensure they’re safe and effective.”

Experts believe that based on the ingredients the lipstick should be safe.

Cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller told Refiner29: “There is nothing in the ingredient list that jumps out as an unusual ingredient for a lipstick.

“CoverGirl is a major brand and I’m sure they vet all their raw materials appropriately.”

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