Man wearing hedgehog suit and fake bomb shot by Baltimore cops at Fox 45 TV station – TomoNews

BALTIMORE — A man dressed in an animal costume and wearing what authorities believed to be a bomb was shot by police following a 2-hour standoff on Thursday.

The man, later identified by his father as Alex Brizzi, 25, was shot in the parking lot of a Baltimore TV station after barricading himself in the lobby, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Brizzi had tried to get the station to air some information, which he said was as important as the Panama Papers, CNN reported.

Baltimore police said a car was set on fire in the lobby of the Fox 45 television studio in the city on Thursday afternoon, the Baltimore Sun reported.

A security guard said a man wearing an animal outfit entered the lobby and handed him a flash drive, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The guard said the man told him he had important information he wanted to air on TV. When the guard played a video on the flash drive, he saw the man talking about space and the U.S. government, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Brizzi was wearing a hedgehog jumpsuit and what appeared to be a bomb. The bomb was later found to be a flotation device. It was equipped with foil-wrapped candy bars and a small motherboard, police told the media.

The guard called 911 and Brizzi left the TV station’s lobby after a two-hour standoff.
Staff were evacuated from the building and Brizzi was contained within the lobby.

Brizzi was shot three or four times in the parking lot by police snipers after refusing to take his hands out of his pockets, police told the media.

Brizzi’s father Ed Brizzi said his son had been troubled recently and his actions were not politically motivated, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Alex Brizzi has not been charged and was in a stable condition in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to the Baltimore Sun.


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